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Info about nonprofit and nonprofit organizations in Manitoba offering volunteer opportunities. You can narrow your results in the menu on the right by choosing a location, category or special company established in Manitoba. If your company is situated in Manitoba and want the assistance of volunteers, then please don’t hesitate to complete our volunteer survey. In case you have any queries or comments, we can be reached in volunteer@canadian-universities.net.

The museum is devoted to maintaining the memory of people who served their nation in the several wars and engagements where Canadian troops engaged — particularly units which are connected with the southwestern corner of this state. Offering confidential providers, support and hope to Manitobans.

Adoption Choices is a nonprofit adoption bureau licensed by the Manitoba Government to supply a full variety of adoption services to both birth mothers and potential adoptive parents. AIM works mainly with the leaders of individual indigenous assignment groups. Through going to the indigenous missions and building relationships with them, AIM has begun to learn our indigenous assignment leaders.

A & O: Service Services for Older Adults is a nonprofit organization that provides specialized services for elderly Manitobans across the state. The objective of the programs is to enable and encourage older adults from the community.

The Air Cadet League of Canada is a supply nonprofit, civilian organization composed of leading professional and business people from all parts of Canada which offers financial supervision and support to the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

The Air Cadet League of Canada is a supply nonprofit, civilian organization made up of leading professional and business people from all parts of Canada which offers financial support and supervision to the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. The AireCanada Airedale Rescue Network is made up of a network of volunteer rescue employees located across Canada.

Our aim is to find superior houses for Airedale Terriers needing new placements. At 2009 The Altona Community Foundation and the Thomas Sill Foundation, with W.C. Miller Collegiate, released the Youth in Philanthropy program. Anna’s House is named after Dr. Anna Schilstra, who had been Steinbach’s first female physician in the early 1900’s.

She was also a notable member and involved in the community and known for her nurturing and caring spirit. APEGM is the pioneer and a part of this process which guarantees excellence in engineering, geoscience and implemented technology for the population of Manitoba. Art City is a nonprofit community arts center dedicated to providing individuals of all ages using high-quality artwork recruiting, free-of-charge.

Artbeat Studio is a mental health consumer initiated, peer targeted, and recovery oriented curriculum. ArtsJunktion mb was integrated in August 2007 and contains Charitable Tax Status. ArtsJunktion mb is a nonprofit organization run by a volunteer Executive Board and financed by Friends, Partners, Corporate Sponsors and Funders.

Located minutes from downtown Winnipeg in lovely Assiniboine Park, the Assiniboine Park Zoo provides guests with the chance to interact with animal species from all corners of the world. In the Southland Summer Camp we provide an assortment of camping programs for travellers entering Grades 2 – 12 such as residential camps, day camps and canoe tripping camps.

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    Bird Studies Canada is a nonprofit company constructed on the enthusiastic contributions of tens of thousands of volunteer Citizen Scientists. Info from Bird Studies Canada’s volunteer studies and targeted research projects are utilized to recognize substantial population changes and also help direct conservation planning. Bishop Grandin Greenway Inc. (BGGI) is a not for profit registered charity made to address the public demand for enhanced history, wellness and health.

    Blue Sky Opportunities Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to maximizing the independence of adults with intellectual disabilities, through residential and employment opportunities in our community. Canadian Blood Services is a nonprofit, charitable organization whose sole mission is to deal with the blood and blood products supply for Canadians.

    Laboratory Winnipeg is here.